The Lower North Shore’s most experienced auctioneer

A good auctioneer understands how to connect people and influence them to put their best foot forward. That means they need to understand the motivations and aspirations of local buyers and have the ability to 'read the room' and pick on the unspoken signals that may not be visible to others.

But an effective auctioneer also needs to have an intimate understanding of the local property market. They need to have mastered its drivers and its subtleties. They need to be aware of what other options buyers have. And they need to be able to understand how to represent you, your clients, and the property itself in the very best light.


For more than three decades, Justin Ferguson has been a property auctioneer in Sydney. Over that time, he has auctioned several thousand properties and has established a reputation as one of Sydney's leading professionals.

Justin is committed to going the extra mile for you to help you and your client make the most of auction day. His diligence, work ethic, trustworthiness and straightforward nature set him apart from other auctioneers in Sydney.

Justin can help you achieve the very best sales price for your clients.

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